Your all-in-one

logistics solution.

When it comes to logistics, freight and warehouse management, Logisnap is your safe choice. We have made it easy, cheap and user-friendly for both small and large companies.

Get in great company together with

A all-in-one

shipping platform.

We have combined order and freight handling in one platform, so you avoid time-consuming processes of juggling many different carriers and systems.

We help you to streamline your work flow so that you can make logistics one of your competitive parameters.

Get easy and efficient WMS.

With our stock and purchasing management, you always have a full overview of your stock to you avoid overselling your goods or running out of products.

Easily streamline your work processes with management of the location of goods, overview of stock, stock status, unlimited number of warehouse locations and much more!

Sæt din ruteplanlægning på autopilot med LogiSnap.

Med LogiSnaps ruteplanlægningsværktøj får du ruteoptimering, ruteplanlægning og flådestyring i én. Vi gør det nemt og hurtigt for dig at planlægge og administrere dine kørsler med effektivitet i centrum.

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