Shipping Platform.

Order and freight handling can be a time-consuming process with many different carriers and systems. We have made it easy for you and gathered it all in one solution – a all-in-one shipping platform.

Get in great company together with

All freight agreements gathered in on platform.

Easily add your freight agreements in Logisnap to collect your entire shipping management in one platform. Ship worldwide and choose from both national and international carriers. The best parts – it’s free.

Get full access to all functionality in the platform.

It should be easy. Therefore, you get full access to all the functions of the platform, so you can handle your shipping tasks in the easiest way. Our system is user-friendly and easy to navigate.

Our shipping platform is the perfect solution for you who want to manage your shipping needs in an easy and efficient way. Try it now and experience for yourself how easy and convenient it is to use our system.

It shouldn't be expensive

to run a webshop business.

With a free account you don’t have to pay an expensive monthly subscription to use a shipping platform. Link your freight agreements for free and print your shipping labels at the lowest price – it’s that easy. You only pay-per-use.

Customers want options and lots of them. Give them what they want with a range of delivery options in the basket. With Logisnap, you can easily set up your checkout flow in the shipping platform, so you ensure a smooth and great user experience for your customers.

Should Logisnap take your freight management to next level?

| No more expensive subscriptions.

Breathe a sigh of relief – with Logisnap, paying expensive monthly subscriptions to use a shipping platform is over.

| Streamline your workflow.

Gather your order and shipping management in one place. Ship worldwide across carriers by connecting your freight agreements, your webshop platform and your ERP system with Logisnap.

| Pay-per-use.

At Logisnap, you only pay for your actual consumption, meaning your costs for shipping always follow your turnover.

| Print shipping labels in bulk.

When the orders roll in, things must go fast. Therefore, with a single click in Logisnap, you can mass print your picking slips and shipping labels, so you can get your packages shipped in a hurry.

| Quick and easy onboarding.

We’ve made it easy for you to get started. If in need of a helping hand or sparring, our support team is ready to help you out.

| Get happy customers.

Happy customers are the best customers. With personal messages to your customers with updates on the order’s journey, you can provide proactive customer service, which both increases your customer loyalty, reduces your support and helps to create a great customer experience.

At Logisnap, you get a razor-sharp price for label printing.

Print, pick & pack – yes, it actually couldn’t be easier. At LogiSnap, it’s all gathered in one place and you can print your shipping labels at a razor-sharp price.

With a single click in LogiSnap, you can mass print your shipping labels and picking slips. It’s easy, simple and cheap so that you can get your orders shipped in a hurry to your customers.

Easily integrate

Logisnap with your webshop.

Optimize your order flow and get your orders out the door in no time. Time equals money, so automate your processes with Logisnap and get rit of manual and time-consuming tasks.

By connecting your webshop or your ERP system with Logisnap, you ensure an automatic data flow, so that you always have a full overview of your order data.

With our digital pick and pack, you can manage everything directly from your computer, mobile or tablet. This means you avoid using unnecessary amounts of paper on picking slips.

Start saving time and turbocharge your order handling with print in bulk with Logisnap. Makes it easy to handle countless orders at the same time with a single click.

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