Guide – Shipping platform

Set up default sender.

1. How to make a sender default.

1. Go to “Contacts” in the side menu.

2. Click on the contact person that you want to be the one that is always set as default (the small pencil on the far right).

3. Under company name, you must enter the name that should appear under company settings, so that it links it to the correct sender information (you can find the name you have entered under Administration -> Settings -> name under company information).

4. Press “Save” and the sender will be specified by default under “Create shipment”.

LogiSnap, guide, Default afsender information1
LogiSnap, guide, Default afsender information2
LogiSnap, guide, Default afsender information3

It is important that the default sender name appears exactly as it does under company information, otherwise the system will not be able to recognize the name and thus the default sender will not work.