HerreBox needs a flexible solution.

With HerreBox’s  subscription business, having a flexible and agile logistics solution that can scale is crucial. They achieve this with Logisnap’s Startup solution, where they are not tied to large fixed costs or commitments, but rather, the shipping expenses follow their revenue.

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On a mission to make self-care easy for men.

In 2020, Mohammad Usama and Emil Cronval started HerreBox together. Their mission was, and still is today, to help men take better care of their daily grooming routine.

They aim to make it easy and convenient, and that’s exactly what they achieve with their monthly HerreBox, which contains delightful surprises for the daily grooming routine and gets delivered to men across Denmark every month.

Join HerreBox and discover the joy of effortless self-care.

Goodbye to time-consuming and manual processes.

With a subscription solution like HerreBox, order management becomes particularly challenging at the end of the month when their members eagerly await next month’s indulgences. There is no time for manual and time-consuming order processing when the package volume is high.

By utilizing LogiSnap’s order management, HerreBox has streamlined their order flow and significantly reduced the time spent on order handling. This newfound time is now dedicated to growing their business and optimizing the product selection for both existing and new customers.

LogiSnap has been a highly competent partner, supporting our growth. Thankfully, they have a deep understanding of what it means to be a startup company, which has made it convenient for us to navigate their system while sending out a large number of packages.

LogiSnap is the perfect match for HerreBox.

| A pricing model that is easy to understand.

For HerreBox, it has been crucial that LogiSnap does not tie them down with expensive monthly subscriptions, and their shipping expenses align with their revenue.

By choosing a platform with low monthly fees, HerreBox also keeps their expenses down and ensures maximum contribution margin. This is especially important for subscription businesses where the contribution margin is typically on the lower side.

|Support that is easily accessible.

Running an online shop can bring about numerous questions throughout the workday. For HerreBox, it has been important to find a solution with a support team that is readily available and takes the time to assist its clients.

With LogiSnap, HerreBox has never felt alone with their questions and expresses great satisfaction with the help they have received when facing challenges.

| A setup that is straightforward.

“It doesn’t require an expert to use LogiSnap,” says Emil Cronval, CCO & Co-Founder of HerreBox. And that is precisely LogiSnap’s mission – it should be easy, simple, and straightforward.

The optimal workflow can evolve over time as a company grows and develops. Therefore, it has been important for HerreBox to find a solution that can evolve and scale with their business and ambitions.

A shared journey - HerreBox and LogiSnap continues their collaboration.

HerreBox offers both subscription boxes and the sale of individual products through their webshop. This means that, in addition to the monthly orders, they need to handle single-item orders via the webshop. LogiSnap has been an optimal choice in this regard, as the order management provides flexibility to easily handle both types of orders.

The future holds growth and further development for HerreBox. This means an increase in the number of orders that need to be handled. And accompanying them on this journey is LogiSnap – ready to handle small, medium, and large orders. At LogiSnap, we are excited to be part of this journey and look forward to supporting HerreBox’s continued growth and success.

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