Tuttelu - a strong setup ready for scaling.

Tuttelu’s  journey began in May 2022 with the aim of making life easier for families with young children. By offering diaper and baby care products on a subscription basis, with delivery right to their doorstep, Tuttelu has made a mark on the Danish market. There is a sense of momentum, and the ambitions are high – Tuttelu aims to be known worldwide, and that requires a strong logistics setup capable of handling international scaling.

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A partner that can assist with a wide range of services.

When Tuttelu offers a subscription solution where customers can update their delivery information and product composition along the way, it is crucial for the order information to always be up to date. Therefore, a direct integration to their various systems is invaluable for Tuttelu, eliminating the need for manual updates across platforms. This saves them a lot of time and manual processes.

In addition to Logisnap’s freight platform for shipping and order management, Tuttelu also uses our warehouse system, Warehouze, to manage their purchases and inventory. This way, they have consolidated all their logistics activities under the umbrella of Logisnap

High demands for shipping and order systems.

With a subscription-based business, having a strong shipping and order setup is especially important in order to be agile in the business and provide customers with the flexibility they demand.

As a new player in the market, Tuttelu undoubtedly encountered some typical challenges when establishing their own warehouse and logistics setup. However, Tuttelu was pleased not to be alone in this endeavor, as they had Logisnap as a collaborative partner to assist them.

Logisnap has been invaluable to us. They helped us identify the errors so that we could set up our integrations correctly. Additionally, their warehouse management and freight platform have provided us with a structure that allows us to focus more on improving our products.

The perfect solution for Tuttelu.

| Easy order management.

For Tuttelu, having a simple and digital order flow is important to quickly process their orders. With integration across their platforms, they ensure fast and efficient order management with Logisnap’s freight platform.

| Simple inventory management.

With Logisnap’s warehouse system, Tuttelu is able to maintain a clear overview of their inventory, ensuring that they have stock availability across their products. This ensures that they never leave their customers waiting for their orders.

| Excellent customer service.

When operating at a fast pace, it’s crucial to act swiftly when challenges arise. For Tuttelu, providing excellent customer service is paramount. Having access to Logisnap’s support ensures that together, they can deliver great customer service.

Tuttelu x Logisnap - together we take the world by storm.

Tuttelu dreams big – and their journey of growth has only just begun. They aim to establish themselves both domestically and internationally by developing their product line and services. Along for the journey is Logisnap, but like any other relationship, it requires mutual trust – and Tuttelu is completely confident in having Logisnap by their side.

At Logisnap, we are excited to see what the future holds for Tuttelu, and we are happy to be a part of the journey.

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