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Hidden fees and extra bills – yes, it can be difficult to keep track of what you actually pay for a shipment. Freightsolution has made it easy and transparent, so you can save time and money.

Full overview and transparency.

Direct integration between Logisnap and Freightsolution for easy and efficient freight handling.

| Calculator.

Get the best possible price based on package dimensions, weight, etc. directly in Logisnap’s platform with integration to Freightsolution. Easy, fast and transparent.

| Invoice control.

Freightsolution makes it easy to keep your invoices from the carriers up to the agreed price, in order to highlight any incorrect settlements.

| Statistics.

With Freightsolution, you have a full overview of your costs for shipping, so you know exactly how your costs are distributed across different carriers, markets and fees.

| Comparison.

Do you have competitive shipping rates? With Freightsolution, you can easily calculate the bottom line effect of your price adjustments when carriers update their shipping rates.

Save tons of money

on your shipping costs.

You can easily calculate freight prices across your carriers to find the best and cheapest solution for your shipments. Full overview and transparency.

Easy integration between Logisnap & Freightsolution.

In Logisnap, you can easily integrate with your Freightsolution account, in order to take full advantage of their many functionalities. This allows you to calculate and display the best and cheapest shipping prices directly on the specific order.

No more confusing

invoices from carriers.

With Freightsolution’s invoice control, you have full overview of your freight costs and you don’t have to spend time or resources checking your invoices.

Competitive shipping

with Freightsolution.

It can be difficult to assess the immediate effect of the price changes that the carriers send at regular intervals. With Freightsolution’s comparison tool, you can quickly and easily gain insight into how it affects your company financially.

Favorable prices for your business.

As a business partner of Freightsolution, we have the opportunity to offer you some completely unique prices for Freightsolution’s freight software with direct integration to Logisnap.

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